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MouseWheel move playhead LPX 10.3.2


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Hi Freinds

My english is not the best...sorry


I wonder about the naviagtion with my scrollwheel Mouse in logic. In the Main (Arrange) Window, there is no option to move the playhead line by scrolling. I use special broadcast audiosoftware on my daily job in Radiostations, and they do this movings well. For example, if i will move forward or backward the playhead position, i'm used to do it with the wheel by pressing an option key, like shift or ctrl, etc...And i can't find any options to do so in Logic..


have you any ideas for me?


Thanks well


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Hi and welcome to Logic Pro Help Bassmaster!


Your english is perfectly fine.

I don't use a muse but I believe the command for horizontal scrolling is still Shift-scroll wheel.


Moving the playhead is not connected to this move.

I can recommend using , and . for that, and Shift-, & Shift-. for to mov the playhead 8 bars at a time.


You can also use shift click anywhere on the arrange to move the playhead instantly.

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thanks for your help. Ok, so it seems, i have to learn more the Key Commands to move in logic. Perhaps, apple will give us the possibility to modify also the mouse commands, in a future version. i think this would make a lot of users happy. Because i found a lot of posts about, to modify the wheel direction and zooming commands with the mouse.
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