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Do I have all the downloaded content for 10.4?


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Hi all,


Sorry for a new thread, but the 10.4 release thread is pretty active, and I think my post got lost in the midst.


Someone mentioned, with 10.4, they downloaded all the content:


Ok. I figured the full size of a new sound library. ~1,82 Gb of impulse responses, plus ~28,16 Gb of loops, plus ~61,49 Gb of samples in logics folder, plus ~21,21 Gb of garageband instruments, which gives in sum ~112,68 Gb. Quite an amount


How can I confirm that I have all of this? What directories do I do "get info" on? (or look elsewhere?) - for example, my apple loops dir is much smaller than 28GB.


Thanks all,



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I see that everything is installed. I selected everything a second time, and hit "install", just to be sure. It definitely thinks everything is installed. What I would love is if someone could list out the directories on the hard drive and what sizes they should be, so I can check my hard drive. Thanks.
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