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Logic 9 Initializing Core audio? Checking audio units?


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MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6

Hi guys I have run into a problem for my patience. I used to open up Logic 9 quickly but now when I open it it takes a while because it is initializing the core audio and checking the audio units. The only thing that has changed is the last update for El Capitan, any idea why this behavior has changed? Just wondering.

I know El capitan is out dated but I need it for other reasons that have nothing to do with Logic 9.

I also know Logic 9 is outdated, but so am I now at 70 yo and on a strict budget can not afford to get Logic X.

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I had a slightly similar issue when i upgraded from EL Cap to Sierra so i can run 10.4. After the OS Update, Logic had to validate all the plugins again (and i have A LOT). The OS update borked my Waves AUs, plus several others, and my 32Lives resurrections. That has also happened on point updates.


Google the issue because I remember reading that there is a fix to stop Logic from validating every time. Probably some code you have to run in terminal or change a certain parameter.

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I have googled a lot but found nothing maybe my search skills are poorly executed . I ll help looking, Thanks for replying Guys.

The initializing core audio is my issue but it also checks the AU's. anyway It takes a while.I just added Ample Bass PII I wonder if that had anything to do with it? Other wise I have changed nothing.MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 Found this Had two: com.apple.audiounits.cache and com.apple.audiounits.sandboxed.cache deleted both restarted had the same process again. I'll keep searching...

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