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Logic Remote


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Let's see if I understand this correctly.


Apple make iMacs and the ever shifting OS that accompanies them. Ok.

Apple also make Logic. Cool.. top points there.

Apple devised Logic Remote to make home recording breezier. Great idea.. but. (Can you see where I'm going with this?)

Apple likes to preen it's feathers by locking us kiddies (?) out of our machines in the name of security. On paper (only), I get this.

So WHY (yep, caps) given all the above, should it be necessary to turn a secure Firewall OFF (there they are again) in order to connect Logic Remote (Apple™) to an iMac (Apple™), in order to connect to Logic Pro X (Apple™).


Am I missing something here? I think not.


And breathe....


Pulse down by 20%. Sun peeps through clouds again. Rant over.


Meanwhile... any 'secure' work arounds, good people?


Cheers ,-)

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