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Waveform stuck in Melodyne

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I'm wondering why this long piece of audio is stuck in Melodyne and cannot be edited nor deleted. I'm trying to transfer audio at that point, and it's overlapping with that piece and of course sounds loud/bad because they both play back at once.


I've never had an issue like this until my recent upgrade to Melodyne 4. I often update the files in the Melodyne Transfers folder between my laptop and desktop, adding only new files to the folder, and it's always been smooth and never an issue, but maybe it's related to that.


I have other audio in this Melodyne window which is why I don't want to have to open another window in order to get around this. I also want to figure out how to prevent this from happening again.


Please see the screenshot.




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I'm running 10.3.2. Sorry, I hadn't updated my signature.


I noticed something also since the upgrade which is that when you transfer audio into Melodyne, you have to undo TWICE to completely get rid of it.


The first undo gets rid of the yellow waveform with the red line inside of it representing pitch, split into different rows on the pitch grid, but then remains a solid red waveform, all in the same row. That solid red one takes a second undo to get rid of. (Both types are shown in my previous attachment).


It's this solid red one that in this case won't delete. Like I said, it might be because I moved the file between my two computers, and for some reason it's confused, although it's never been an issue in all my years using it.


I always thought this was so cool about Melodyne, how you can just copy all the files in the Transfers folder from one computer to another (adding only the new and skipping the identical ones) and all the transferred audio would be right in place in Melodyne so you can continue working smoothly.

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