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I have a typical vocal recording setup shown in the attached screenshot. I record onto the tracks numbered 1-8, each of which is assigned to a bus for playback. (I don't use take folders; I'm used to individual tracks.) As you can see, I have a few high-latency plugins on the playback bus. These remain active even if I activate low-latency mode. Because the playback of the track is moved ahead in time to compensate for the plugins, if we punch into that track you're actually not punching in where you think you are. Is my only recourse to deactivate the plugins on the playback bus? I find it useful for singers to hear pitch-corrected playback, etc., when they're punching in. I actually don't need low-latency mode for anything else while we're recording; the reverbs, etc., that are deactivated by it are on sends from the console and latency is not an issue for them.


I should note that we are not using auto-input monitor, as I am recording and monitoring the input through a console, resulting in zero-latency monitoring of the input. Thanks.



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