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Piano Roll Automation Auto Switching


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I've been having this problem since the update. See vid for ref. I'm using the Kontakt software instrument, Albion ONE, where the dynamics (of the strings) is defaulted to the mod wheel. You can see the dynamics bar respond within the software and it records properly, but it records into the Logic's modulation lane instead of 1 Kontakt 5: Dynamics - Strings, which is the the software's lane it should be recording into? When viewing/editing Logic's auto lane, every time I hit play it switches back to the software lane. You can actually see it moving in real time reflecting Logics modulation lane. Ultimately, they're both the same but its almost impossible to make edits. When tweaking an automated pass in Logics mod lane, as soon as you let go of the node it switches back to the softwares dynamics lane. Because of that, you have to click the auto cycle button to cycle through the lanes every time. Yuck.




Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!


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