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Untagged Loop Browser?

David Nahmani

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I've added several perc libraries to the Untagged Loops folder, like Eric mentioned above. It appears to be working, when Logic can figure out the tempo. In some libs almost all of the loops have tempo info shown in the list but other libs are pretty hit and miss.


So it really just depends on whether or not Logic likes the loop!

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Do they have to be aif? or can they just be a random Wav. file? Thanks guys! Happy new year


UPDATE: Yes they do. Been waiting for this for over 10 years. So pumped. Just a quick pro tip/heads up: I've been seeing Logic choose the Complex Flex algo for almost everything and there are certain drum and perc loops where you absolutely want the Slice Algo vs. the Complex. watch out for that.

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Hi All, I found this thread while searching for info on untagged loops. Does anyone know why some loops don't import with BPM info? Those are the files that won't playback as loops in the looper browser (they play as one shots. Any idea how I could add that info so they play as loops (like most files I've added)? Thanks!
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I would also like to know if using this feature increases the size of the loop browser because samples are actually copied from one location to another thereby doubling the space they take up on my hard drive.  I would hope that it's just a reference to the files that is copied.  Can anyone help with this?  Thanks in advance if you can.


On 1/30/2018 at 5:17 PM, guavadude said:

I have a large loop library and I think I should just take the time to add them to the loop browser. How much extra drive space is needed when tagging? I’m guessing not very much but I don’t know where to look to determine that.


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