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"Cycle Through Used Parameters" Not Limited to Selected Region


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A concerning behavior in 10.4: the Automation command "Cycle Through Used Parameters" appears to cycle through *every Region's automated parameters* on a track. It is not limited to the region the user has selected. If a user is working with long songs where tracks have multiple regions, and those regions have discrete channels and variegated CC's, he will need to step through every single parameter automated on ALL regions on the track to find his target.


If Automation/MIDI is set to Track, sure, you should see every parameter used, as Track Automation runs from the song's beginning to end. But here, it's set to Region.


This function (previously called Autodefine) used to be limited to stepping through the automated parameters only of the chosen region.


Why would a user want or need to step through numberless CC's and Note Velocities on Channels 8, 12 and 15 when the only region he's selected has nothing but channel 1 automation?


I had hoped that the setting "Selected Regions" in the Piano Roll View menu would limit this behavior to selected regions' automation -- but this behavior appears to be system wide no matter the setting.


I earnestly hope I am doing something wrong, or it's a bug. I have had this key command assigned to my mouse for over ten years. So please, let it be a x.x.0 issue.

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