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Cycle jumping to same bar?


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I upgraded to 10.4 and somehow the cycle functionality is changed, or there's a bug. Even if I have auto select locators by note selection, region selection, and marquee selection all checked it's jumping back to bar number 3. I can get it to cycle on a different region if I click away to a different region, etc., but it's always going back to bar 3 regardless of what's selected, and once I toggle cycle on and off it's going back to bar 3 again (even with a different region selected with the marquee tool).


I've never had this happen before, is there some mystery setting I've accidentally triggered or a bug?

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With "marquee line" i mean:


1) You have Marquee Tool selected

2) Now you just left mouse click somewhere on a Region or empty Track area in Main Window,

instead of left mouse dragging (thus:making a Marquee selection).

The result of this single left click is that you will see a grey vertical line, which i call the "Marquee line" (sorry for the wrong official terminology).

This Marquee line takes priority over the Locator/ cycle selection, regarding the point in time from where the playhead picks up


I am afraid though this info will not be not helpful to you regarding your problem, cause you stated your problem exists even when you Marqueed a region.

(sorry for not reading your post better).

Marqueeing a Region will not show the Marquee line cause you did a mouse drag with Marquee tool, not a single left mouse click ..

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