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I recently upgraded from Logic 10.2 to 10.4 and the text is noticeably blurry in 10.4. After looking around I've seen posts about a "larger text" option in Logics preferences in the displays tab which fixes this problem for some users. However, I don't seem to have that option in my display preferences. Am I missing something? I would really appreciate someone showing me how to find it. Thank you!


2010 Mac Pro 6 core, 10.12.6, HP Pavilion 32 display

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I think my issue may be that I'm using a non Retina display. Also, I was under the impression that the larger text option was in Logics preferences, when I think it's actually in System Preferences, but only visible when using a Retina display.


Is there any other work around to fix text / font blurriness in Logic, or do I have to go back to 10.2?

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