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Audio goes out of sync after pitch correcting


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Is it possible that you recorded the vocal in a separate Project with a different Tempo? This just happened to me. I had a rough mix that I used to overdub some horn parts. I brought the audio file (rough MP3 mix) into a new project without thinking about tempo- They're going to listen to the track and record. I did this to save time and not have to wait for all the VI instruments to load.


When I brought in the audio to my original project everything was fine until I turned on Flex. The audio shifted out of sync. Is that what is happening with you?


My fix was to bounce in place the audio file(s) before turning on Flex. Then, with the newly bounced audio (bounced with the correct tempo), I can turn on flex and pitch shift... without altering the sync of the audio. There might be a better way, but this worked for me.




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