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Library/Instrument confusion


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Mac Pro 6 core. Logic 10.3



I am new to Logic (coming from an old version of Pro Tools). Here's the problem. I'm currently using more than one track whose channel strips are from Electric guitars (in the Library). Those ch strp use EXS's "Clean electric guitar". I've decided to edit this EXS instrument in one of the ch strps. Then saved the changes under a new instrument name, say "Clean electric guitar 2". How come all the ch strips (with different names, that is, different audio plug-in paths) changed their own "Clean electric guitar" into "Clean electric guitar2" too ?? Does this mean that all channel strips pointing at a given moment to a specific EXS instrument are derouted if you happen to change this instrument in only one of them ??


Thank you for helping me.

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Tracks are routed to specific channel strips.

If multiple tracks are routed to the same channel strip - and you change the instrument on that "target" channel strip - all tracks update to reflect this change.

If you want to use a different preset - Guitar 2 - for one or more tracks, use a second channel strip/insert a new EXS instance and load the Guitar 2 preset - then re-route your tracks to this second EXS instance/channel strip.

Re-routing tracks is done by Control (or right)-clicking the track name and choosing the target channel strip from the Reassign Tracks > Software Instruments sub-menu.


Logic is very efficient when multiple instances of the same instrument - EXS, Alchemy, etc. (or FX, for that matter) - are loaded in multiple channel strips.

i.e. the processing hit for one, or a dozen, EXS instances is minimal (only the number of simultaneously played voices has any impact of note on the CPU).

As your guitar presets use the same samples (I'm assuming), there is no additional memory hit...i.e. the samples are loaded into RAM once for multiple EXS instances.


Hopefully this answers your Q/gives you a bit of an insight into how Logic instrument handling/channel routing works.

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Thank you for responding, and though : I'm talking here about tracks having their own EXS intances. That is, the channel strip of each track was chosen through the library, and so I have as many EXS > Clean electric guitar instances as I have tracks. So, in my case, turning in one channel strip the "Clean electric guitar" into "Clean electric guitar 2" (by creating a new instrument) resulted in other EXS instances changing their own C E Guitar to C E G 2... I don't think it's normal.
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