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Hand Draw Symbols like arrows and brackets for Score Print?


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I'm using Logic to prepare scores for a music theory class and need to add symbols like arrows and brackets to the score when exporting to a PDF. Is there some sort of free draw tool to accomplish this? Or another work-around that someone has thought of?



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There are arrows and brackets in the part box which might be useful.. However if you truly want free hand - then I suggest you mark-up the pdf using Preview or some other markup utility as Logic does not have a free hand drawing tool. Maybe you could post a screenshot of a score marked up similarly to what you want to do - so we can determine if there is a simple or alternative way to do it.
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Thanks for the reply! You're right, maybe just marking up in Preview would be most effective. I have seen some of the arrows in the tool box, but haven't seen anything that could for for a bracket? Which section is that in? Here's a screen shot of the kind of thing I'd like to draw in a little smoother.


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