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Logic creating a file with a forward slash in its name


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Hey, I just discovered this odd thing that's going on since I've updated to Logic Pro 10.3.2 and macOS High Sierra. When making comps of multiple regions, it's been placing forward slashes in the file names. In the attached picture you can see that it automatically named a comp of AGG Bass as "AGG Bass/ Comp A.wav". When looking back at older projects from last year, it would name files as "AGG Bass - Comp A.wav" instead. All of my current and old projects work just fine on this iMac but when I copy one of these new affected sessions to my 2009 MacBook running (I believe) Logic Pro 10.1.1 & Yosemite, it comes up with "file not found". I can relink the file manually, but then the file has issues where it's playing at a different tempo or starting like 4 measures later than it should. I had no idea it was even doing this until I tried opening a newer project on my other computer.


So I'd like to figure out how to get Logic to rename these files the way it used to. To my knowledge, forward slashes should never be in a file name anyway since that typically indicates a folder path. Please advise!


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I am experiencing the same problem. Comping creates slashes in my file names, making external backups impossible.

Have you found a solution or a way around this problem?

Do you know how I can prevent logic from automatically inserting forward slashes into filenames during comping?


Thank you very much!





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