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EXS24 Samples missing?


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Hi Guys!...


Having this issue that I just can't seem to solve.


Recently upgraded to a new laptop and along with that the latest version of Logic.


Here's the issue, when I now transfer all my Sampler Instruments and Samples into the Audio Music Apps-folder and start Logic the strangest thing happens.

The majority of the instruments come up as non functional, missing the audiofiles is what it claims....


All I did was to transfer all the files to an external drive from the old computer and then into the new computer placing them into the right folder!?....

Since there are thousands of files I do NOT want to have to "remap" all of them.... again, making new Sampler Instruments and assigning all the Samples etc...


Why is Logic doing this???


How can I resolve it??

One thing I thought of was that I changed the " file structure" from the last setup when placing them on the new computer, so I then tried to place them in the same exact folders as they where on the last setup which where the Application Support/Logic, but still non functional..... :(


I have searched the web for an answer and found many tips but NONE fixed the issue.

I am now hoping that you guys may have the answer, would be much appreciated :)


I am uploading a screensave of how the EXS24 looks like when this happens and I click the edit button on it....


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Hehe I am indeed impressed, I actually managed to run into a problem that no one had ever heard about, on this site with all the shared wisdom.


There always seems to be an answer to find here for every issue you can come across with Logic and I have found sooo many tips and tricks over the years that have helped me on this awsome knowledgebase that this site is thanks to all you guys! :)


I was absolutely confident that one of you would make a swift reply tipping me off to a well known and simple solution.

So this means that this issue is not an easy fix then, bummer for me, I was really curious to know what was wrong ! ;)

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