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10.4 editing midi CC automation in arrange window is missing


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In 10.4 I used to use the F1 key command (can't remember if that was something I set up - or Logic...) to open CC midi automation inside a midi region in the arrange page, without having to open the piano roll. This was so helpful. Just downloaded 10.4, and realized that this key command now opens some other type of audio automation. Anybody else having this issue? This was so helpful since I could edit CC data easily on tracks side by side in more of a group view.
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Just found the answer on another post by David...


MIDI Draw has been incorporated into Region automation:

1) Click the Show/Hide Automation button in the Tracks area menu bar to view automation data.

2) Make sure the Automation button in the Track header is set to "Region."

3) Use your usual key command (default is Command-Y).

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Thanks David!


Another thing with this new way to view midi automation... I found that Logic is not displaying anymore (in the track header, nor the region) the midi CC#. In previous Logic versions, Logic would show the CC# in the region and this is what I would go by. Now for instance, Logic calls CC#12 - "Ch.1 Effect#1 MSB". Seems useless to me. Is there a way to change this back to showing just CC#? thank you!

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I'm finding I can display the CC information but as soon as I hit play it disappears.


Trap! I have fallen in few days ago.

It means that there is a new option making the parameter of the instrument sending midi info.

It's cool because as soon as you move a parameter inside the plug, the automation show what parameter .

But backwards, it's now a mess for the CC editing.

To deactivated this, go to main menu MIX and deactivate Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode.

Back to usual stuff.

Kind off midi loopback.

Your CC data point to a midi parameter of the instrument.

BUT, as soon as you hit play, the plug read the CC data and send the related played parameter, but it's not necessarily the same midi data ...

Hard to explain but, you know ...

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In your first pic oddball, it is showing the automation as "Ch. 1 Modulation". In the past, this would be shown as "CC#1". Now, we all know that "modulation" is CC#1, but when you get into the higher numbers it becomes less apparent what CC# you are dealing with, which makes it more difficult to know which parameter you are trying to adjust. For instance, Logic now calls CC#12 "Ch.1 Effect#1 MSB". This description seems useless to me. I'm wondering if there is a way to change this back to showing just the CC#.
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I did what you said and it still calls CC#12 "Ch.1 Effect#1 MSB". I only want Logic to display it as "CC#12" and not "Effect #1 MSB." What am I missing here?

And it goes like : you see CC#12 when logic not playing, and as soon as you hit play, it disappear ?

Right ?

I had that and deactivating the option I pointed to, it's back as before ...

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