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Hidden "deceit" : Sample Select random


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Not always pleased with some slightly hidden features on EXS. I programmed some finger snap from "Clap and snap" performances until I realised I didn't get the same volume on two equally played notes. I then went to edit page in EXS but couldn't see any round robin programmed there. In the end, I discovered that in the Control window of the main interface, some +/-20% random had been applied to sample select, which command does not appear in the editor window (only in the small clickable arrow in EXS's main interface). That is not very nice from Logic... Just wanted to warn some newbies who, like me, might not get it straight on.

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Note that what you describe is not there by default, so my guess is that you had loaded an EXS24 preset which was already programmed with that random sample selection and then proceeded to create your own EXS24 instrument from that preset.


If you create a new software instrument track and insert an EXS24 plug-in, the only default modulation routings are Sample select by velocity (which must be setup in the instrument as well anyway), and Pitch by LFO1 via Modulation (the typical mod wheel = vibrato).

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Yes, David, that was some preset from the library, but is this not the normal procedure for someone exploring a software ? I created a softawre inst trck, and looked for what the library had to offer to me in the finger snap category. And this ch strip I was proposed was fitted with the underground sample select random option. Do you mean I should I do in some other way ?

Thanx anyway.

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No, it jus means that people new to complex software easily miss small things that experienced people don't miss. It's a normal part of the learning process.


These application are incredibly complex and deep, and contain these sorts of power options *precisely* for the people that find the simple tools *too* simple. You won't know everything on day 1. I've been through the same process with other incredibly deep apps like Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, FCP etc etc.


But once you get over the initial learning hump and get comfortable with the workflow for the things you like to do, you start to fly...

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