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"Articulation Sets"

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Ok...here's one.


Kirk Hunter TVEC3 and TVEC4 Strings.


UPDATE: Version 4.0 of this now available with support for kontakt in Multi-Instrument mode.


This articulation set handling requires some Scripter scripting since KH strings are designed to have more than one keyswitch active at a time for a given articulation. So the result here is a long list of articulations in the Articulation Set, and a Scripter script that will automatically play the right sequence of keyswitches for each one. Please give feedback for improvement and/or let me know how you're using it, via PM.


See Readme for Installation instructions of Articulation Set and Script files.






  1. Create an instrument track with Kontakt, most likely multi-timbral, but not required.
  2. On the instrument channel with Kontakt, add the Scripter midi plugin to the midifx slot.
  3. Choose the KH-TVEC-Strings preset, which will load the script and display the gui. Use the Channels section of the UI to specify for each midi channel which KH String section will be used. The keyswitches are different for each one.
  4. Load the relevant KH instruments into kontakt
  5. record some midi tracks for each instrument
  6. Add articulations by name to each note as desired
  7. Hit play and listen to it. Should cause a smile. You can view the keyswitch activity by selecting the Logging option in the GUI and opening the script editor window.

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