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Lost with the new Mod Wheel midi data in piano roll

Punk D
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It's been a while..

I'm a bit lost with the latest update... I was going to edit my mod wheel info (ch1 - dynamics) as normal in the piano roll when I noticed that it's called automation nowadays, and specifically - there seems to be two different dynamics now. I can see my written dynamics data as before (the orange, brownish colour) but when I press play it is greyed out and

I can't edit it real time anymore. Instead, Logic has detected another name for it (in this case Dynamics - woods high) and I can't edit that. I don't know if this makes any sense so there are two pictures trying to explain this.

Any help is appreciated - as always, fighting against a deadline..



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Hi Mikko.


Not sure if this is related, but there's a new functionality that ou can turn of by choosing Mix > Autoselect Automation Parameter in Read Mode.


Will that let you edit CC1?


Hi Eric!


I'll try that! I spent a lot of time last night reading about the changes - didn't have a chance to have a look at them till now.. :)

Also just learned that midi draw is dead - this is what probably got me confused in the first place.

Integrating everything into automation is a great thing - so this means that whenever I record midi cc's I'll automate instead of record from now on?



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Sounds great Mikko.

Let us know how if there's something that is unclear.


Hi Eric,


Yes the answer was there in "Autoselect Automation Parameter in read mode" as you suggested.

When I turned it off, I can use and edit the "old brownish" line again.


However, if I choose to use the automation approach instead of recording my midi cc's I can see that the midi data lines are a bit "jumpier" (picture attached)


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