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Sculpture, legato and glide... The old, old story


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Maybe there are some things that just don't ever change, and you have to accept them...

But I don't. The headline describes what this is about: Set Sculpture to "Legato" mode, select a glide time >> 0ms (say, 100ms) and set the main envelope's attack to 0 ("retrigger") - the manual says, glide will only be applied to overlapping notes, also called "fingered portamento".

No! Sculpture does it always, no matter how you play consecutive notes. Why, oh, why?! Is there nobody out there interested in that? Is it so terribly difficult to fix? Or did I just miss the part of the manual where there is written something like "Just kidding, we don't know how to implement this 'fingered' thing, and nobody really wants it, so take it as it is"?

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I wish Apple would update Sculpture. [...]

They actually did, with 10.3.3 came a high resolution mode, and there have been some minor fixes in the past (I think). But here is a bug that is so obvious, I can't think of any good reason why it never has been fixed. It can't be that difficult, really!

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