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External Drive - Sound library issues

Octhomas Prime

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I am on Logic Pro X 10.4

I moved my Logic sound library over to an external hard drive using this guide video...

The next time I opened Logic a pop-up told me that I needed to download extra content (presumably the libraries that I just put on my EHD) and did not give me the option not to. I did so because I had no choice and it didn't seem to be a big file. EXS24 still registers the sounds which have been moved as well as Ultrabeat.

Every time I open an existing project Logic tells me that I need additional content which is annoying but bearable. My main problem now is that having just tried to get something from my loops library, the vast majority of loops (audio and midi) are grey and locked. A very small and seemingly random amount are still available, I assume those would be the ones that Logic just made me download, but 99% are still blocked.


My questions are:

Is there a way of changing the path - should I do so?

Would it be better to revert to a previous back-up and never have moved the libraries over?


Thank you all.



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Hi David, I have looked at the links but actually I doesn't help. When clicked they download directly onto my computer without being given an option to save to hard drive. The other main problem is that they are not saved in specific files that Logic can the recognize when using X. I have no space to download onto my computer and I want to download to the correct locations, just onto my hard drive and not onto my computer. This seems to be a problem. When everything is on my hard drive I want to go and delete all the current sounds that are on my computer to save up some space. I have some sounds already in the normal places but many packs not yet downloaded. I would like to access all the sounds that I have paid for that come with X.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

All the best,


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