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High Sierra/10.4 Latency Issues! HELP!!


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Hello there,


So I recently upgraded my mac to High Sierra and subsequently, I upgraded Logic to 10.4. After which, I've been noticing Logic uses WAY more CPU in via the CPU meter and more importantly, I had a session I was working on rendered useless by sudden latency. I had everything pretty much setup and all of a sudden, my software tracks began to run about a second behind my audio tracks. I've tried every trick I could find online including resetting NVRAM, altering buffer sizes, ensuring sample rates are set correctly, creating a new output device, re selecting core audio, etc. The one that I thought would do the trick, as it seems to have helped others on other boards is the open /.HFS+\ Private\ Directory\ Data?/ from this article: https://www.logicprohelp.com/small-warning-updating-macos-10-13-high-sierra/. The only issue is, when I run that terminal command, it that says that file doesn't exist.


For context, All I did in the session was add an RCompressor to a track that I was going to use for a sidechain compression, and then out of nowhere, the tracks became out of sync. Its also worth noting that I am using a good deal of plugins that range from things like delays to compressors and limiters - mostly waves and I ensured they are all up to date with driveers and such. Any suggestions you could provide would be very much appreciated!

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Had this recently with a plugin and it was with the new Tube EQ of all things. Only happened the once, but Logic did flip out a little before it happened - Logic was complaining to me about sample rates, and everything went out of sync. I went through all the tracks and disabling one instance of the Tube EQ fixed it. Like i say, not had it since.


You could try low latency mode and see if that helps as it disabled plugins which are causing latency, and you can see which ones it's decided to disable - don't forget to check your main/stereo out strip if you put any mastering like plugins there too, as they can be the heavy hitters.

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Cool thanks good to know. I am using that new tube eq which is bananas awesome. I'm also mastering in the same session. I could just be doing too much at once. Maybe I'll try mastering in a separate session and find the plugin culprit as well. Thanks guys! I'll keep ya posted on what I find in case anyone else on there is running into this.
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