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fresh install new Touch Bar MBP 2017, with a 2TB SSD


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bought it maxed out, future proofing or something like that.


old setup had 1 TB startup disk for apps and such, and an external SSD for sample libs, over USB3. (there are two more mac minis as well but that's not important here, but it's on my sig so suppose somebody looks).


I bought a new external SSD as well, 2TB, which is really two SSD sandwiched together, and it has a USB-C connector that actually takes advantage of the 10Gbit capability. it's faster than a single SSD, no doubt.


So, external drive, even with 800MB/sec reads and writes, is still less than half the speed of the internal SSD. Do I split the startup drive into two partitions, one for startup, OS, apps, the other partition for sample libs? Is there any benefit to making these separate partitions to OSX? (the startup partition does some writes during normal operation, logfiles, console stuff), or does it truly not matter at all with SSDs? or is it still best to use an external SSD for sample libs?


Dunno, just looking for some setup advice. Everything else I've already got covered. I'm far from helpless on this - in fact I might just be overengineering, but I thought I'd ask here ;-)


Regards and thanks for any insights.

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Hi Eric,


thanks for the response.


I was thinking a)I have enough onboard SSD to hold apps and sample libs b) nothing is faster than onboard SSD c) there is a little system-related write activity on the system disk, let alone that d)if any memory swapping occurs, we can force that to not happen on certain volumes... so that's why I was considering splitting the onboard SSD. I just don't want *anything* fighting with the streaming of sample libs. I happen to like the Spectrasonics stuff a lot, so there's a lot of I/O for that, ditto for NI Kontakt and UVI libs.


Real life though on this setup w/o taking any of the above steps is really quite good though!


Plenty of space on startup disk. Sample libs loading over USB-C at just under 10Gbit/sec because that two SSDs sandwiched into 1 logical does what it's supposed to. I used two TB2 docks before, so with two of those TB3<->TB2 bidirectional adapters, those came online exactly as before. My X32 desk connects over USB2, so hung that off of another USB-C to all-kinds-of-stuff adapter, that's also fine. For grins and giggles, I connected a 4K monitor off that last adapter and USB audio didn't suffer at all (I would have expected it to fall over).


So far, all good, really good. Those TB3/USB-C ports are really good - I couldn't be happier that the TB and USB "clans" got together and decided on a single connector and interoperable standard, and that our Apple friends thought about getting us 4 really useful ports to get stuff in and out of our Macs. They could have cheesed-out here and saved some money, but didn't - and I'm appreciative of that.


Nice machine! I may do away with the external SSD just for convenience - just turn that into a bootable clone as a disaster recovery approach but that's for later... Right now I've got some song-idea tracking to do and want to get out of "techie" mode. ;-)

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