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Running LPX 10.4 on 2009 Mac Pro

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I would be interested in hearing from anybody with a 2009 Mac Pro identifier 4,1 that has patched or updated the firmware to support High Sierra. I have a 2011 MacBook Pro 4 core that will support High Sierra and LPX 10.4. But there are limatations 4 cores and 16 gigs of ram etc. However my main Desk Top 2009 Mac Pro 8 core, despite all the SSD Graphics and maxed out ram upgrades will not run LPX 10.4


The web is full of info on patching and updating the firmware so you can run High Sierra and therefore LPX 10.4 has anybody here had any experience of upgrading thanks DH

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I have a 2009 Mac Pro that's been refurbished to a 2010 Mac Pro (5,1). I recently upgraded the OS X to Sierra. However, I believe that I will be staying with Sierra from this point on. This is because of issues that exist between High Sierra and some important software programs that I use. But, so far, Logic Pro X 10.4 is running just fine with my happy refurbished Mac Pro and the latest version of Sierra.


If you are interested in upgrading to "just" Sierra, there exists a way of doing this (and not upgrading to High Sierra). If interested, simply respond and I'll send you the link to the Apple web-site that enables its customers to do this.

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Hello, I first used the dosdude1.com patch on my 2009 8 core 2.66 4,1 Mac Pro. I was trying to install High Sierra over the top of El Captain. I followed the instructions Dosdude1 gave both on You Tube and the patch. No go? The High Sierra app from Apple would not verify. However doing a clean install no problems. Since then HIgh Sierra has worked fine. Logic 10.4 works fine apart from GPU side? The graphic spectrum in the Plugins does not work. The original Nvida GT 120 needs replacing? So I decided to upgrade the Apple firmware to 5,1 which was easy. Now I can upgrade the computer CPU, Ram. I think not knowing how long the patch would last and dealing with upgrades another reason I went with the firmware route. All works fine. My next quest is to find a Graphics Card? Minefield and another post? If you need further advise email me? Cheers Don H
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Hi efiebke

I noticed that you were ready to give advice and share your experience of how to upgrade to Sierra in earlier Mac Pro in order to be able to use Logic 10.4? I would appreciate if you could share your know-how a bit. Thank you


Well. . . I recently reverted back to El Capitan. (Thank goodness that I had the "smarts" to back up the OS X drive before I upgraded to Sierra.) I was having "wonky" issues under Sierra including having the computer freeze at various times. Things are back to normal. . . stable. . . for me under El Capitan. Looks like I'll be staying with this OS and earlier Logic Pro X & Final Cut Pro X programs until I purchase a new(er) computer that is upgradeable to either Sierra or High Sierra. I do not know the issues to why my computer was somewhat unstable using Sierra. It's a refurbished computer that's been upgraded from 2009 to 2010, that's been "flashed" with newer CPUs. I don't know. . .


I will try to find "The How" to upgrade to Sierra for the earlier Mac Pro. It's actually found on Apple's support somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't remember where to find that link.


Edited to Add: Found it!! Here's a link to one "How To" web-page: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/how-to-update-to-sierra-not-high-sierra.2073277/ Check out post #21. It's an Apple web-site link that currently enables one to download OS X Sierra (not High Sierra). Don't know how long this link will last. Hope you find this helpful!

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I put High Sierra on a 2008 Mac Pro and it runs surprisingly well. Although i've noticed that some of the new EQ's can seem to cook it, likewise with the session brass plugin, i have to wait a while for the project to fully load before playing or it will system overload.


Since doing mine, i put Sierra on a 2009 Mac Pro (8 Core/32GB) for a friend wanting to run 10.4 and he's said that his projects are maxing out the machine, whereas used to be fine on El Cap, i've not been back round there yet to check, but his projects are far bigger than what i use.


I think there's definitely a loss of overhead there, but it may be only when using some of the newer plugins (chromaverb/tube eq etc) and your single core speed is limited, so just be cautious if you have heavy projects.


I tend to use a lot of outboard gear so Logic is moving audio around more than it is CPU intensive tasks such as layers of instrument plugins etc.

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