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Moving The Playhead


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I have always been able to change the grid to reflect note values with command -up arrow or down-arrow. Then, If I moved the playhead using the right or left arrow, the playhead would move left or right by 1 bar. Holding the shift key would make that increment 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 note value or whichever I had set the grid up, up in the division display. None of these key commands work any more.
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Command up and down arrows have defaulted to zoom vertical for over fifteen years, so somewhere along the way, you've reassigned them.


Your recent posts have a common theme: you've lost your key commands. Did you ever save them before your upgrade? It's very disorienting to lose them, to be sure, as the behaviors get ingrained in our reflexes over the years.


In any case, Logic upgrades do not reassign key commands per se. A clean install of a disk will overwrite them, but that's an OS matter, not program-specific.


I'm hoping somewhere along the line you saved a file of your custom assignments. Once located, they are easily re-imported.

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That's my problem. I used to keep my key commands in a file that I called "latest". I imported those into my key commands every time there was an update. That file is suddenly nowhere to be found. I looked into a backup I had made on an external drive, but that did not contain a backup of the

'latest" file. (I think it's kept in the Library someplace, but I didn't back that up. So, I am having to ask where the menu command is for many of Logic's default commands.


(Sometime back, I had had a Logic crash resulting from something that Eric had warned us about in another post. I think the key commands may have disappeared then.

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To put it in medical terminology, that stinks. We have all borne these wounds of life in the computer age.


A help page from Apple declares, "All key command sets saved in the ~/Library/Application Support/Logic/Key Commands folder are displayed, allowing you to quickly switch between key command sets."


Well, perhaps they settled there once, but not anymore. My Sierra shows no such folder, and neither does my El Capitan. Nevertheless, if you have some older OS disks, you could look in that folder. Even an aged, not-quite-complete custom KC set is better than none at all.


In Sierra and El Capitan, saved custom KC sets can be found in ~/Music/Audio Music Apps/Key Commands.

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