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Copying audio tracks

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I wanted to work on a copy of an existing audio track. I option-clicked the track and dragged it down to make a copy, as shown in the screenshot. I found, however, that when I do gain changes, etc, in the Audio File Editor, it makes the same thing happen to the waveform in the upper track. In the screenshot, I normalized the section labelled "jirmad lead.29" and the original track above it also shows the normalized waveform. How do I make a "safety copy" of an existing audio track so that I can work on that track and not have the original track be edited at all? Thanks.



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The Audio File Editor, as its name implies, allows you to perform (destructive) edits on the audio file. In your case you've created multiple regions that all refer to the same parent audio file, so when you make such edits to the parent audio file, all regions referring to that file will reflect those edits.


You can either choose to make non-destructive edits (for example Gain parameter in the Region inspector), which is IMO the best choice, or to convert the second region to a new audio file before making your destructive edits, but in the latter case you'll be using more HD space, more HD streaming bandwidth, etc... so I wouldn't do it unless theres a good reason. Still if that's what you want, control-click the 2nd region and choose Convert > Convert to New Audio File, then make your edits in the Audio File Editor.

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