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How to move a MIDI Region that is inside a track folder ?


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Hello there,


Couldn't find an answer in the forum, so here we go :


I have a MIDI track that contains a track folder.

Inside that folder, several MIDI regions.

I can't move regions (left <-> right) that are inside that folder. The only thing I can do to simulate that is to select all notes of a region a move them all together within that region. But if my region starts at i.e. Bar Nr20 and I want the first note to start on Bar Nr16, no way !!!


I've notice the probem in 10.3.3 and it's still there in 10.4...


Any workaround ??

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Thanks for your answer Alan but then... ok so I do have a bug... because my folder starts way back as I have other MIDI regions inside that have a starting point earlier in the song. There's just no way for me to move any region of the folder with the mouse. I've been able to move them using the shortcut "ALT + arrows (left or right)" but the movement is little step by little step... really strange.
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Hi Vince,

I have been off line for a few days so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I had a quick look at your video and it was very informative. You are using a Take Folder, not one of Logic's standard Folders. To be able to move the regions around within a folder you can unpack the Take Folder (to existing tracks or new tracks). Then select all those regions and right click and from the menu select Folder > Pack Folder (and not Pack Take Folder). You should then be able to move regions around as described in my first response.



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Dear Alan,

Thanks for your reply. Yes sorry my description at the first place was not clear at all !

I've now tried what you mention and it works fine regarding moving the regions around, so thank you !

Now, I'm not sure if working with a folder is the best way for me to edit several MIDI recorded takes...

As regular swipe comping is only available for audio, what's according to you is the best way to proceed with MIDI comping ?

I've started following this workaround suggested by David Nahmani on this post 6 years ago : viewtopic.php?t=87893#p461446

... but that means all the takes as to be in position before you pack them into a take folder.

Now Logic introduced alternatives but to me it's seem very cool to listen and choose, but not really to edit... do you agree ??

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate !!!

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