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Remove the Open Library Triangle/Arrow


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Hi everyone!


Have you ever clicked a few pixels to far to the left of a plugin in the inspector, and inadvertently hit the small arrow? It opens the Library, and it's pretty annoying when that's not what you intended. I do it from time to time, and now my hatred for this little arrow has grown so big I would like to banish it from this earth. That's probably not gonna work, so the next best thing is to at least remove it from my Logic.


Does anyone know how?

Kill my arrow. Pleeeaase.


P.S Here's a stupid picture of the stupid arrow.


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That's a bummer. Well, I suspected it was a long shot anyway, but let's hope they add this as a feature in the future.


i did that a whole bunch of times in the beginning, then you get used to not clicking right there...


Yeah, I've been using logic for 5 years so I don't think I'll stop doing this mistake anytime soon :D

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