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Score layout problems [SOLVED]

nigel paterson
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My violin section is divided into three parts, shown as a triad on a single stave. The top & middle notes are tied across three bars with the root note descending in whole note (semi-breve) steps. In PianoRoll, everything looks fine. However, the score shows the complete triad in bar 1, but bars 2 & 3 show only the descending root, no tied notes. I copied the missing notes & drew the ties in manually, but there must be a better way. The passage recurs several times...I'm hoping for an elegant solution.




PS: 10.4 nicely bedded in & behaving itself.

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You could try adjusting the quantize level in the left hand pane of the score editor for that track.

Maybe uncheck the No Ovelap in the Score Editor.

If any of these doesn't solve it then try this below.


Alternatively you could add a voice (2 voices) to the staff style in the staff style editor and get each note to behave how you want it to. In order to do this you have to assign each voice to a different midi channel and then assign each note to one of the respective midi channels. The functions in the staff style editor (ties, beams, stems etc) will then affect the respective notes on that channel. Make a copy of the staff style first (Treble?) with a unique name and then add the voices to that so that your original Staff Style is not edited.


I've attached an image of the Staff Style Editor window. I duplicated the Treble Staff Style (in New) and called it Violin, I then added a voice and assigned each voice to it's own channel (1 + 2). Once you've done this you will need to select notes in the staff and assign them to different MIDI channels 1+2 in the Score Editor to get each of the notes' on its respective channels to behave how you want to.



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