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Console EQ is slow to react

Studio ML

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I believe this is occurring because the output stage of the vintage EQs is modeled - using convolution technology like that of Space Designer. In other words, adjustments you make to parameters involve a recalculation/convolution of the output stage.

I have no doubt that this can be refined/tweaked for speed, but a small calculation delay may always be there - even on fast machines....unless Apple add an "Off" option to the Output menu. Undoubtedly, this would have a negative impact on the colouration of the plugs, so may not happen.

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Tbh in DSP terms, most digital EQs are more or less the same. (There's not much you can do here be design).

Aside from low-level component modelling such as seen in some synth emulations, a digital filter is pretty much a digital filter. (Dunno how well component modelling EQ would fare in computational effectiveness? and i certainly don't know any that are designed like that)


so IRs is imo essentially what gives these characters.

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