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Flex Pitch glitch workaround?


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Often times there are little gaps in Flex pitch and glitches appear. Setting the notes around it back to original pitch does not fix it. Once it has been analyzed, it seems to be there forever. The workaround I've been using is to create another track and pasting the original region in there and then using automation. This has worked, but not if I duplicate the track, obviously. I then copy the plug-in settings and paste them in the new track. But sometimes this doesn't work. I just tried it in this piece the way I said and I get the glitch in the same place. There is no glitch in the original audio and I did not turn on flex on the repair track. I cannot figure out why my workaround didn't work.

I would love to get some hints on this. I really like the flex pitch, - except when it doesn't work. One artifact will make the piece unreleasable.

I'm using 10.2.2 because I'm on Mavericks.



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