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Articulation Set becomes un-editable


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I don't know if this is a bug, but I have a project and its using an articulation Set. For some reason suddenly I cannot seem to edit the articulation set now, when I try to click or double click on an articulation name to change the name of it, the cursor flashes like its going to allow editing and then immediately flashes back...not editable.


I can start a new project and use the same articulation set and edit it just fine, but somehow within an existing project that I've been working on for a while, somehow something has changed such that I can't modify the articulation set.


anyone have any ideas about this?

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very strange. It was working fine here too, on my laptop. I'm not sure if this is related, Then I copied the project to my Mac Pro, using a shared drive in the process...after that both local copies of the project don't work on either machine.


Not sure what you mean by open the main window, my main window is already open?


if I attempt to edit any of the articulation names or id's in the articulation set called TVEC4, the editing operation doesn't work...it flashes quickly to edit and back again...


If I start a totally new project and use the same saved articulation set, then I can edit it, but whatever is saved in this project is not editable. I have no idea why the copy I sent to you would work...

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I couldn't even edit anything, but my system was also laggy, even though CPU was not showing high use.


Yes its on my list of TODO to try to figure out why it was resizing whenever I hit "run Script". The script also previously had some stuff in there to hide and unhide certain GUI elements during Idle(), it shouldn't be resizing the window at the same time it does that. Anyway, I've removed that stuff for now and idle() and works fine. But I still want to use Idle for logging, so I will see how that goes...

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Its possible I had something stupid happening in my script causing all the lag, I have to go back and look at it. However, I don't think it should have prevented me from editing anything in the articulation set especially when LPX is not playing.


I suspect some bugs in Scripter at the moment..


The other issue about the scripter window resizing whenever you hit the "runScript" button might be a different bug though..I don't remember it doing that before 10.4 and its an annoying problem. And if its resizing due to UpdatePluginParameters() being called, that's a problem.

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