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Alchemy next/previous commands are strange


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I have a MIDI controller which integrates with Logic and gives me buttons to step through patches in Alchemy. They implement the 'Next' and 'Previous' commands in the Logic UI (keyboard shortcuts are ']' and '[')


The trouble is, I can't understand how those work at all. Been looking at it for half and hour and it's very mysterious to me!


So in the screenshots below, when press 'next' it doesn't load the next preset in the list (1980 Sweet Pad), even though it is in the same Sound Library and also in the same category, instead it jumps down 13 places to Ancient Traveller.


Can someone explain how this is working? Is it because the sounds are tagged with multiple categories?


In general, clicking around the Alchemy browser, using categories and sub-cats, seems to produce weird results in the preset list. For example I can select Cat: All; Sub-cat: Bass; Sound-lib: All; Timbre: All and it has only 65 presets. There are loads of other presets tagged 'Bass' which don't appear for some reason.







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The [ and ] keys are the commands for next and previous in the plugin menu, the one you have open in the second picture. As you can see in that picture the presets are categorised differently than in the browser.




Ah OK I didn't notice those other menus hidden in there. I wonder why it has those 2 different systems. Anyway, that does help me understand what is going on, thank you :)

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