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Reverb Send Latency


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I have a snare sample (virtual instrument) that I'm sending to an aux channel with reverb (Space Designer). The snare hit occurs, and then the reverb triggers slightly after. To prove I'm not just hearing things, the meter shows the snare hit, but the aux channel's meter doesn't for half a second. I'm not sure what's going on. I don't recall having this problem before Logic Pro X 10.4. I thought maybe it was some latency or gain stage distortion issue, but playing with levels, removing plugins, enabling Low Latency Mode, changing the I/O Buffer Size, changing the Process Buffer Range, and quitting and reopening Logic all do nothing. Low Latency Mode actually caused the reverb to mute at one point (yet the plugin didn't turn yellow like some plugins do in LLM), but then fixed itself.
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Sounds like you have plug-in delay compensation set to something other than All.

Choose Preferences > Audio > General, and check if that is the case.


Please attach a screenshot of your mixer and another one of the Space Designer window if that doesn’t work.


Thanks for your reply, Eric.


I want to correct what I said earlier, by the way. The reverb bus turns yellow/disables when LLM is engaged, which is normal. As for Plug-in Latency Compensation, it's set to All. I created a new project, and still have the same result, even when placing the reverb directly on the track. But it seems like the effect is better or worse depending on the preset. And it's not a result of Predelay because I set it to zero every time. So then I brought out a Valhalla reverb, and it seems to work perfectly no matter what preset. No idea what's going on with Space Designer. Though I'm starting to question if this is a normal function of reverb since it varies?


Screenshot attached.


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