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How do I make Drummer play in time with an existing recording that is not quantized?


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So I like to record rhythm guitars first, and sometimes the recording is not perfectly in time with a metronome - sometimes it’s faster or slower for effect, or there are imperfections that sound nice.


I don’t play/have a drum kit, so I was excited when I found out about Drummer... except that it’s all in perfect computerized timing like on a click track, so it doesn’t play in time with my recordings.


I don’t want to quantize my recordings (they sound funny that way)... and I also don’t want to create the Drummer track first then record guitars over it (it would be like playing over a click track).


Is there a way to make Drummer play in time with my recordings without having to quantized my recordings? Is there a way to snap the midi to my playing?


Thank you!

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Drummer follows the project tempo. If you want Drummer to follow your recording, then you need to have the project tempo match your recording. So you first have to beat map your recording so that the click follows your performance.


David--I hope I'm not hijacking this thread. I'm curious as when to choose beat map and when to choose the new Smart Tempo.



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