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Wet Only AUX


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Is there a way to blend in only the wet signal using an aux? I'm using a distortion plugin on my bass guitar to help it sound on laptop speakers (I want to blend in a small amount into the original signal). The plugin I'm using does not have wet/dry controls. Is it possible to mix in only the wet signal?

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no, because that's not how distortion works.


Distortion is "wave shaping" - it always works from the original material, so in a sense, anything you do is wet, but nothing really is.


Reverbs/delays/ etc create new sounds based on the input so you can just "solo" these new sounds, distortion doesnt create new sound but instead modifies existing sound.



Some distortion processors (such as FabFilter Saturn) treat this "wave shaped" sound as "wet" and allow you to "mix" the effect, which actually just blends in portions of the original signal.


if you treat it as such, your distortion already is 100% wet, you cant make it more wet.


Common trick for "oomphing" bass is to only work on part of the spectrum, so you only distort high/mids/lows.

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Just to double check, 0 db on the send is unity



meaning i can then use the AUX's volume to control the wet signal?

You can use the Aux volume fader to control the wet signal wether or not the send is at unity.


Let's say you wanted to double your bass with a synth bass. And you also wanted to add a bit of distortion to the synth bass. The sends knobs allow you to dial in the exact amount of distortion individually for the bass and for the synth bass, so that one could have more distortion than the other. The Aux volume fader is the overall level of distortion (a sum of the distorted bass plus the distorted synth bass).

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