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LogicX and mackie control universal problems


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Hi all,

Im having problems with my MCU's and I've done all the usual things like deleting them within logic and installing them again, my problem is the faders are doing their own thing, when i use the faders on logic's mixer page i have no problems at all, they all work sweet but if i move any fader on the MCU they all move back to were they were so can anyone help?



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Start by trashing the .cs file:



  1. Quit Logic Pro X.
  2. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.logic.pro.cs, and move this file to the desktop. (or delete it if you don't have many custom mappings.)
  3. Relaunch Logic Pro X and install both your controllers.
  4. Quit and relaunch Logic Pro X again to save and reload the newly created .cs


Will that solve anything?

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Before i do that i have noticed that if you put your finger on the fader just for a second it works fine, thats with all faders


It sounds to me like you have enabled "Pickup mode" in the Logic preferences. If it's enabled, Logic will assume that the control surface doesn't have motorized faders. These are my (working) settings for MCU Pro + extenders (btw, does anyone know why Logic keep changing the appearance/icon for the MCU units? Every time I restart Logic, there's some other preview icon for the Mackie controllers):





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