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What's this weird "stuck" blue marker?


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Hi guys,


I'm admittedly a bit confused with all the shifting visual displays of flex/transient/tempo/whatever markers, maybe its just my impression but they seem to change appearance in the last few versions. This is no problem, but now I have a marker that I have no idea what is (screenshot), and I can't visually relate it to anything I'm familiar with:


What is that singular, bright blue marker in the solo'ed region? It is not related to any flex, transient, tempo, it does not appear in any of the inline editors, i can not do anything with it (move, drag, click), and audio is "stuck" around it, it is frozen in time, making flex edits impossible. It appeared completely by itself, and I can't get rid of it. I am editing approximately a thousand regions, and this blue marker has appeared in maybe... 20? of them. So very rarely, but enough that I'm puzzled. Only way to get rid of it is to unflex the region, export as audio file, import and re-flex the material.


Is this a "bug"? Something obvious I'm glitched out on? Or a new feature I'm unaware of, that there can be "frozen" markers, kind of SMTPE locked flex markers that glues audio to a specific point in arrange? But how do they get created, and how do I edit them?



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