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Interaction between interface line input and external preamp

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I bought a couple FMR RNP. The outputs go into line inputs of Presonus Firestudio. So far, so good, yet here's the thing. . .


Reading around on the Web, there's confusing data about what the line inputs' volume pots of the Firestudio actually do. Some say keep them all the way off, others mention unity gain, although in their case it's not clear what that would be—at 12 o'clock ? The fact is that when I record with them all the way off, the RNP has to be cranked almost to the maximum to get a good signal—recording acoustic fingerstyle guitar. So, should I crank the Firestudio pots, some ? Of course, the issue here being that I don't want to feed the RNP preamps into the Firestudio ones.


Is the volume pot's level of the interface preamp's input, when used as a line input, actually colors the output of RNP preamp ? Or is it simply boosting the line level, and thus it's fine to boost it as much as we want ?

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