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Logic is glitching when I record automation lanes with the mouse.


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Logic is glitching when I record automation lanes with the mouse.

When I put the channel in automation write mode and move a parameter with my mouse, the points of automation lanes become distant from the other, resulting in squares lines when I fast move the parameter.

If I record the automations moving the parameter with a controller fader or knob instead a mouse or notebook trackpad, the points of automation lines become perfectly closer resulting in smooth lines even if I move the parameter very fast, and even I'm in a heavier logic project.

You can see the automation lines in the image below the orange lines are made with mouse and the others with a midi controller (the orange lines was made moving a XY plane in fabfilter pro Q).

I realize that this problem is most intense when I in a heavier logic project and when I try to move two parameters at same time in a XY plane (ex: logic eq, fabfilter pro Q), but when I try to do the same thing in a new project the result is better (not so closer than with a controller, but it's good).

I'm using a Macbook Pro Retina i7 2.3ghz 16gb mem Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 and Logic 10.3.2

Is there some thing to reduce the latency of automation capture when I using the mouse?

Its possible to increase the capture of automation points?


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