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Should negative latency of DAW be corrected in Settings?


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I have a question about latency of this device: Audient iD4. In Logic X, I tested the latency by looping the monitor OUT to the guitar IN by a cable on the iD4. Playing and recording a pre-recorded signal this way, I noticed that the test recoded audio signal is 33 samples ahead of the pre-recorded one. That is: the test recorded signal starts 33 samples earlier than the original signal that was sent to the output. This is the same value that the Ping tool in Logic detects as latency value. This is nearly 1 milliseconds, as I am recording in 44.8 Khz. I would like to know if it is recommended to corrigate this difference in the Settings of Logic, or this offset is intentionally there for live recording situations, when the latency will be significantly more than during a simple looping of the output and input?
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