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Plugins on Aux-Sends are "frozen"


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Hey Guys,


I've got a strange problem in my session (LPX 10.4.0) I never experienced before and need your help.


When I create a aux send on a midi track and apply a plugin to the bus channel, the plugin is kind off "frozen", don't know how else I should call this.

I can't control any fader or knob inside the plugin, i can't choose a preset and the on/off (bypass) button inside the plugin is faded. The plugin itself is working, but I cant change any settings inside of it.

This happens on every send bus i create with every plugin. I've created aux sends with plugins aplied to them before in the same session and they are working totally fine, but any new send i create, this issue happens..

I searched on the internet for hours, but I can't find any solution for it. I thought it could be some auto plugin freeze setting from logic to safe some cpu power, but actually that doesn't really make sense as the plugin effect itself is still working.


Any Idea what i could try to solve this would be awesome as I have no clue what's going on here!



Please excuse any grammar mistakes as english is not my first language

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