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Bounced Flex Time regions shrinking after reimporting and attempting to Flex again


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Ok this has never happened before.


I have Polyphonic stretched a section of midi and bounced it out. I then re-imported this bounced audio file into a new project. When I try and flex this file again it shrinks the file completely to be massively sped up. I haven't ever had this happen to me. I have always done this. This has materialised since the new update. 10.4.1 on High Sierra


Here You can see my tempo is set to 5bpm and the stretching mode on the bounced section is Polyphonic




Now here is that bounced section after being imported into a new project. I have set it to 100Bpm, the file looks absolutely as it should at this stage




Now when I turn on Flex on this imported piece of audio it shrinks it to super fast and makes it go red. This happens with all types. If i switch Flex off it goes back to normal




Any help on this would be much appreciated, Thanks

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