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Sending MIDI CC message to external unit

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So, I'm trying to do the simplest thing but I don't understand how to do it, even after searching the web for a long time.


I've connected the MIDI OUT on my audio interface to MIDI IN on my external effects unit. Now I want to send CC89 with a value above 64 to my effects unit. How do I do this?


I've managed to send my MIDI clock to my effects unit, so the connection is there.


Thank you in advance.

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I've automated MIDI CC data in logic (messages 20, 21, and 22). I'm trying to send this data to a Dream Sequence pedal (by Hologram Electronics) so that I can store that data on the pedal as a preset. I'm using the MIDI Out plug of a mio USB to MIDI in/out cable to go from my desktop to the MIDI In of the pedal.


I created an external MIDI track. I chose "Channel 8" (the MIDI channel of the pedal) in the library. I don't see the MIDI Out port in the library. Maybe that's what I'm missing? I selected Ch. 8: Ctr. 20 on the Region button. I have automation data in that track/region. The pedal is receiving MIDI clock, but it is not registering the CC message data. Any ideas?

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