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How do I stop Logic from importing Addictive Drums tempo's


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Hi guys!


I've just got the new Logic 10.4.0. I work a lot with XLN Addictive Drums 2. When I import a beat Logic automatically adds a new tempo, being 120 bpm (even if the beat is 170 bpm and the project is 190 bpm). WTH?



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Sorry it took so long! I opened a project that has a tempo of 91 BPM. I added another AD2 track and selected a loop that had a BPM of 172. AD2 asked me if I wanted to import Tempo info; I chose “No”. I thought that was weird, since I had already checked “Sync Tempo”. But it worked with no issues. So when the “Import Tempo Information” box pops up, chose “No” and it should work for you.
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Thanks for your replies guys!! Did you check your tempo list after importing?

I REALLY don't understand what's going wrong in my scenario. I have the smart tempo set to 'keep'. And Logic doesn't ask me to import tempo's anymore since I answered 'No' + marked 'don't ask again' a long time ago (but I do have the newer updates and hasn't me asked again...does this make sense?). Still...everytime I import a beat (regardless the bpm of either AD2 beat / Logic Project) it adds that 120 bpm tempo...

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