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Score Editor - Clefs keep changing


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Hi Guys


I've had a quick search. I don't think there are any other threads on this topic. It's likely I'm doing something worthy of the special prize.


I have a small string composition comprised of violin, viola, cello and bass. When I use the score editor to change the respective clefs, it often, but not always changes all of them to the same clef. I need the violin in treble clef and the viola in alto etc, but they keep interfering with each other. I've tried the numerous different was to change the clef. I have also tried changing the clefs with the tracks independently selected. Ideally I want them all four parts on the same page, each with the correct clef. I've managed it once but now it's playing up.



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clefs are associated with staff styles and staff styles are associated with regions.... So if you have multiple regions using the same staff style - when you change a clef on one of them you will change it on all the others using that staff style....


Good rule of thumb... Use a different staff style for each instrument in your pieces.. this way each will be completely independent of the other - clefs included.

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