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Not enough space on SSD, Symbolic Link Elswhere


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Question here. Just put old guts of 09 mac pro into a 10 tower so i could get the 10.4 upgrade, which is really sweet. Trying to download the new sounds now, issue is, i have a smaller SSD boot drive. At some point, i could have sworn that I was able to re-route the path of the install somewhere else. I currently have the /Application Support/Logic folder symbolic linked to another larger drive. When i tried to download the sounds again, it's still giving me the not enough space error. Any suggestions?
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I'm running 10.4.1 under Sierra on a cMP, with my Library contents symbolic-linked from the bus card-mounted SSD boot drive to a 7200 rpm rotary drive. The last contents downloaded just fine directly to the rotary drive. If you are running High Sierra there are apparently issues, you might have to rebuilt your symbolic links, do a search on this topic.
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