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Miroslav Philharmonic 2


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I seem to have lost the plot somewhere! I have a MIDI file with 8 Orchestral Tracks assigned 1 to 10


I load MP on Track 1 and select an ensemble say Clarinets. I play the track and adjust and it sounds great. Now I assign the second track to MP Oboe Ensemble, but it doesn't play on Channel 2 in MP, ALL the tracks are on MP Channel 1.


My colleague has MP on Windows and each instrument gets assigned to a different Channel on his Windows DAW.


What am I doing wrong?

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I'm not sure how you have this configured, you're not providing enough detail, but maybe you're overlooking the way Logic channelizes tracks in the inspector. There's a dropdown that says ALL or lists the channel number, in which case all the data from that track goes out on that channel. There are many ways to do this and many other possible issues. Your expression "gets assigned" makes me nervous. That's like voodoo, nothing just "gets assigned" in this world. Do you have 8 distinct tracks? Does each track have data on a different MIDI channel? Are you using 8 instances of MP, one per track? Is each instance dedicated to one instrument group, and set up to receive on a different MIDI channel? and is the Inspector's dropdown set to that channel, which would have the benefit of overriding the track's contents channel if it isn't already distinct for each instrument.
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