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audio breakup on youtube while logic is open


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I'm having trouble hearing audio on youtube or any other app without breakup while logic is open. It seems my mac wants me to only listen to audio while using one app at a time....sometimes audio doesnt play back at all and often it just sounds like digital clipping or mismatched bit rate trying to work together. sounds bad guys, sounds bad.


this is happening with both hardware interfaces i use. seems to have begun happening since i installed the last 2 versions of high sierra.


anyone figure this out yet?


thank you

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Post your specs!

Mac with a fusion drive?

FWIW, My 2012 iMac with fusion drive has audio glitches when on youtube, iTunes etc (either running El cap or Sierra - never tried High Sierra) when Logic is open. If I unselect the core audio in the Logic's audio preferences, the problem goes away.

Have you tried with the built-in audio only?

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2014 macbook pro, no fusion drive, 2.3ghz intel i7

16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3


Yes, it's fine with built in audio only selected. I have to constantly go back and forth between built-in and my Duet or between built-in and my Audient id4. Seems like the computer is confused about how to handle audio from various sources....this happened to me long ago but went away for a few years. Since installing the last few OS' the problem is back.

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